Date: 28th September 2015 at 9:27pm
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Manager Keith Hill has insisted that Rochdale haven’t suddenly become a bad side overnight following defeat to Millwall at the weekend, but he does want a return to doing the basics right so we can bounce back quickly from the disappointment.

Speaking to the Official Site with the dust settled on the weekend’s action, Hill explained that we couldn’t dwell on the defeat and we had to move on quickly and treat it for what it was – a learning curve.

‘It`s always about learning – we can`t forget but we can`t keep bringing it back up because the players will get anxious if you do. They`ve been absolutely superb all season defensively, incredible in fact, and we haven`t seen any signs of what happened on Saturday, happening in previous games. I`ve been really, really pleased with the defensive structure of the side.’

Believing it to be out of character and maybe just one of those days, Hill went on to say that undoubtedly we helped Millwall over a hurdle given their home form and he again used the word ‘charity’ to describe our defending on the day but he held his hands up to his part in that as well.

‘There are one or two things that we have to solve but it`s not a question of throwing all the toys out of the pram and getting the hump. I`ve done a lot of assessing and evaluating over the weekend and I think that I made a few mistakes. I think I made mistakes in the set-up of the team. We looked at the opposition and I gave the boys a game plan – you could argue that they didn`t stick to it or they didn`t enforce it, but looking back I think in hindsight I was as much to blame for the defeat as the boys were. I take a lion`s share of the responsibility for the selection of the side and the set-up of the tactics.’

With Rochdale now seventh in League One and going into the game against Shrewsbury Town tomorrow evening, Hill is definitely looking for a response in that match.

‘We have to find a remedy for the last two defeats away from home and that`s down to me to solve. It might be personnel, it might be time to change the tactics, but we`ve been very good at home. We`ve been very good at home for the majority of the time I`ve been at the football club, so I`m pleased and looking forward to the game against Shrewsbury on Tuesday night.’

As for the test they will pose, Hill went on to say that he obviously knows alot about them and it’s down to him to come up with the game plan that gives us all three points, but as ever his main concern isn’t overly looking at them, it’s about ensuring we play as well as we know we can.

‘We`ll obviously look at Shrewsbury, but we can`t focus too much. Maybe that`s what we did on Saturday – we perhaps focused too much on the opposition rather than ourselves and I think one or two of the players ended up making decisions on what they were expecting Millwall to do, instead of what they did. We can`t confuse the players and we have to make sure that we keep it simple. It`s about us but obviously preparing the players for the opposition instead of the players over analysing and over thinking the opposition.’

In terms of the back to basics approach, he added.

‘I want intelligent football players and I want us to play to our basic strengths. Sometimes when you`re doing well there is a feeling that you`re better than you`ve previously been and that`s dangerous because we`re an honest, hard-working, basic footballing side. We don`t have superstars and we don`t have player who are luxuries – we have good basic football players, who are hungry, who work-hard and are really fit, and we have to remind the players that`s what they are. They shouldn`t complicate it, they shouldn`t spend too much time on the ball. We`ve got to get back to knowing ourselves and working to our strengths, instead of being this fa├žade of football`s perception of what we are.’

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