Date: 24th November 2011 at 9:15am
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The FA appears to have given the green light to goal line technology, with its possible introduction by next season.

Whilst this won`t affect Rochdale directly, as the technology will only be introduced to the Premier League in the first instance, the club are linked into the debate.

Whilst it`s looking certain that the EPL will adopt the technology, what`s less certain is who will provide it. There are 3 main bidders for what will be a very lucrative contract.

The first is hawk eye, the providers for cricket and tennis already. They use a series of cameras to track the exact flight of the ball, and would provide an experienced and proven option.

Adidas have thrown their weight behind chip technology, provided by Cairos. In a situation similar to ice hockey, the referee will be told when the chip passes a number of sensors buried into the ground, underneath the goal line.

The 3rd company, and outsiders are ‘Goalminders,` and this is where Rochdale come in. Harry Barnes and David Parden have invented a technology using cameras and 3D imaging software. The referee will be informed, via a buzz to his watch, if the ball has crossed the line.

Crucially for FIFA, the whole thing will take less than a second to process.

FIFA testers will be conducted a series of tests, 13 hours worth to be exact, at Spotland. FIFA will at the ground, alongside Goalminder ambassador, Lee Sharpe, presumably chosen because he`s cheap!

If chosen the technology could set to make the 2 Bolton friends millions, and will also integrate Rochdale into an historic moment in football.

What`s your view on goal line technology? And are you happy that FIFA will be at Spotland? Join the debate below.


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  • It’s needed asap – so easy to do. Can’t really see an argument against goal line technology myself

  • I’m with you on this one – can’t see why not. Here’s hoping they give it us free at Dale – £100K is a tad steep for us

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