Date: 9th July 2008 at 8:34pm
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Tributes flood in.

Since the news broke last week of the sad death of Ernie Cooksey we have been inundated with messages. It is clear to see that Ernie was a hugely popular man not only at Dale & Oldham but throughout football. here are some of the tributes…

Well what can I say Ernie was a legend and will not be forgotten anytime soon. It’s so tragic to lose him at such a young age. My heart goes out to everyone connected with him.

Dean, Rochdale

Darlo fan here. Just heard the news about Cooksey and thought i’d drop you a line. Cooksey always struck me as one of those people who just gave 100 per cent. Judging by comments all around the web it seems this is true. RIP Ernie Cooksey.

James, Darlington

Absolutely gutted. The man was a class act, a proper gentlemen. There should be more people like Ernie and then maybe footy wudn’t be in the mess it is now. Proper legend, you won’t be forgot Ernie mate.

Tim, Middleton

I’d been expecting the news for a while but it’s still come as a massive blow. It just isn’t fair that such a young guy should have to leave us. To think he will never see his child is heartbreaking. Still remember Ernie on the pitch running around like a mad man! Winning headers against players who were twice his size.

RIP Ernie.

John, Castleton

I remember Mr Cooksey playing against Notts, and I’m not sure why but its an opponents name that me and my friend I sit with at Notts, always commented on (probably for kicking our players up in the air) and knew him instantly when viewing the team sheet. I want to pass my condolences to his family.

R.I.P Ernie Cooksey

James, Notts

I remember when we first signed Ernie, he looked about sixty! It was all part of his charm though and as soon as we saw him chasing down balls and brilliantly winning headers we were soon won over. His spirit can never be called into question. RIP Ernie a sad loss not just for football but for everyone connected with him.

Jill, Rochdale


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  • Condolences from us – he was a popular figure when he came to our place with Boston. No age is it.

  • Sounds like a true proffesional and the game is a sadder place without guys like this…there are a lot out there today that could well learn a lot from him………….

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