Date: 1st July 2014 at 5:57pm
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Having opened our pre season training schedule for the coming campaign, manager Keith Hill has said that the players will be in for a tough three days before we head out to our training camp in Tenerife on Thursday.

The squad returned on Monday for their summer tests, measurements and were put through a variant of the yoyo test, and speaking to the Official Site the gaffer said that the players would certainly know they were back for the first three days, but he was already pleased to have seen the condition they had returned in.

‘They’re good professionals and good athletes. We’ve got to be, there’s no question about that, so what we’re done today (yesterday) is a fitness test. It was a variation on the yoyo with balls to stimulate the players because it’s football that we’re preparing for.’

Hill goes on to say that the days of having lengthy running exercises are long over in football now, and the more you can increase fitness with a ball element just helps the players hone their technical abilities at the same time, so it’s a two birds one stone kind of makeup in the modern game.

‘Everything that we try to do, even although the first three days are predominantly endurance based, we still have to integrate the football. The players have shown a great attitude and a good appetite. Like I said, I’m very happy with the dynamics of the squad.’

Speaking more about the endurance work we will do ahead of the flight out for the training camp, Hill admits that the sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be very tough for the players, very testing and it will push them physically and mentally, but so far he’s pleased because they are all up for it, they understand it so are willing to push as far as they can, and of course when faced with any challenge he expects their competitive spirit to come through because he wants winners, and in the toughest training routines team spirit, banter and the in squad competition to win is a huge part of driving them on to get through it.

‘There will be moments over the next four to six weeks where they’ll need their team mates to pick them up and we’re looking for a unity. We’ve already got that unity which is why I retained and extended the contracts of the players.’

Improve that further given what we achieved last season, and we could be in for an interesting footballing year again following promotion.