Date: 25th November 2015 at 4:50pm
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Manager Keith Hill has reflected on the victory over Doncaster at the weekend and a brief round up of other Dale news including the return of Manchester United goalkeeper Joel Castro Pereira.

Doncaster Highlights

Speaking to the Official Site following the two nil victory over Doncaster that saw a late Ian Henderson brace, a delighted gaffer explained.

‘Ian is a happy man. I think the wrestle was the first half and I was really pleased with the competitive nature of the first half, but I think we showed our football intelligence in the second half. I just thought it was a well-planned execution. The opposition are a good side and they`ll carry on winning games, there`s no question in my mind. If we go through a period of six, seven or eight games where we haven`t won then I`ve just got to hold my nerve and so have the players. In the last six games we`ve lost one – what`s all the panic about? Do people really want change? Do they want me to leave? I don`t get football sometimes. I want that continuity – I have continuity in my home life. I`m 25-years married next June and we`ve shared 24 Christmases together. I want that similar continuity with the players and this football club.’

Positioning himself in the gantry as opposed to the dug out for the first half to get a different perspective on things, Hill went on to say that he felt it had been both necessary but also very worthwhile.

‘I think myself and the players have been put under too much scrutiny recently and too many questions have been asked. Even friends of mine, and I don`t want to insult anyone, but family are also questioning why Rochdale aren`t doing as well as they did last season. If I`m being honest with you, I went back and I looked at the history of the club over the last 15 years and it reassured me that I do know what I`m doing. It reassured me that we know what we`re doing and how to get a little bit of extra success. I needed to take the emotion out of the game so I went up in the gantry. I had to see what was really going on because on DVD it`s difficult. Sometimes you`re assessing and evaluating at half time through emotion, so I tried to take myself away from that and I think I used that to good effect at half time.’


‘I`m an emotional assessor and if I play out my emotions to the players at half-time then I think it`s over kill – the players keep getting the same messages on a different matchday. I just wanted to make sure that I was right in my de-brief at half-time and be a little bit more non-emotional and just get the criteria across. I think I delivered better precision at half-time than I had done in recent weeks. As a Manager you need to be ticking over three point situations. I can belly ache about the resources and the history but I need three points. I wanted to do it, I`ve wanted to do it in previous weeks and I`ve just got to trust myself to do it on a regular basis. Regardless of the score-line, I would have stayed up there for the duration of the 45 minutes to make sure I was correct in what I wanted to achieve at half-time.’

With Henderson getting both goals on the day, he was briefly interviewed after the match as well, and he couldn’t have been more pleased to be back amongst the goals and to pick up the three points.

‘It`s reward for the team for the hard-work, determination and never giving up on each other. Like always, it`s nice to score goals – yes, my name will be in the headlines – but it`s the rest of the players that have made that opportunity happen.’

With Callum Camps providing the assist for his opening goal, Henderson was quick to praise him for his vision and quality of pass.

‘We spoke about it in there with the Manager. CC has got undoubted ability and he sees things that most players don`t – that`s why in the future he`ll move on from the football club to bigger things. I see it on a daily basis and I`m not surprised when the ball does come to me. Credit to him for his vision and passing the ball to me – I`ve thanked him already.’

There was also pleasure for him in just being out on the pitch and doing well following his September gained foot injury that’s seen him in and out of the side.

Now he just wants to kick on again.

‘It has been frustrating because there is nothing I can do about the injury. It was an impact injury and I was unable to put any weight on it, but with good rehabilitation from the physios and plenty of rest it`s getting back to where it was prior to the injury.’

In other Rochdale news, Billy Hasler-Cregg has extended his time at Droysden FC for a third month and as of a few days ago with the 19 year old going to them back in September, he’s made four starting appearances with a further eight showings from the bench.

Nyal Bell has now returned from a two month loan spell with them himself.

Manager Keith Hill has been keeping a close eye on his progress, and said after the extension that with the player still training with us during the week, the confidence he’s gaining from first team football is starting to show itself in him.

‘We`re starting to see the impact. I think Billy has realised what he`s got. The enthusiasm we had from Billy last season on the training pitch was immense but I think he`s plateaued out now. He has gone to Droylsden and he`s not sulked about it. He`s found it difficult but now he`s realised what it`s all about at Droylsden. I`ve got to give him credit because he hasn`t fallen by the wayside with his attitude and application. He has found it difficult mentally and physically adjusting to the demands but now he knows what to do. He`s bringing that back into training when he`s training with us and I think that`s brilliant. I`m glad to see that he has bellied out and hopefully he`s going to rise again now. I think it`s a great example for all the other kids as well. He goes six tiers below, finds it really difficult in real men`s football but actually sticks in there and gives himself a chance of playing there, which is doing now. It`s brilliant and it`s testament to him and his character.’

Manchester United goalkeeper Joel Castro Pereira has also returned for a second spell on loan at the club, and this deal will run until January 3. He keeps the No 44 shirt.