Date: 20th September 2015 at 5:54pm
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Manager Keith Hill declared himself pleased with Rochdale’s victory over Scunthorpe United yesterday.

Audio – Hill On Scunthorpe Win

Speaking to the Official Site following the two one win on home soil, a pleased gaffer explained that for him the first half was very lacklustre, but thankfully the players woke up in the second period and he felt we deserved all three points.

‘We fell into the trap a little bit like we did last week – patience doesn`t mean slow. We watched (Scunthorpe`s v Coventry) and we knew that we had to learn from the Burton game, but it looked as though we hadn`t. We played very slow in the first half, predictably slow, and they got bodies behind the ball and they started brightly on the counter attack.’

Hill went on to say it was ‘obvious’ that they were ‘trying to pull our pants down’ and nick the game, but for him it was about control and who wanted it more.

‘Who`s in control? When we`ve got the ball are we in control? During the majority of the first 25 minutes, I think Scunthorpe were in control with the tactics that they employed. They allowed us to have the ball deep and we became too slow but I needed us to be slower in the final third. It was a bit weird and the whole first half didn`t sound right to me. It didn`t feel right and I thought that we were looking at a 1-0 defeat – I thought the game had it written all over.’

Hill said though it’s something we need to cope with better as for him we need to get used to it because teams are showing us that level of respect now given the threat we carry so we have to be clever in matches and better in the final third.

‘They are tactics that we`re going to have to get used to. We`re going to have to be patient because I think we`re being given a large amount of respect. We got the break-through goal and we looked comfortable, we looked as though we settled and I was pretty comfortable.’

In a secondary interview, he went on to say that he felt victory over Scunthorpe had turned the season from an encouraging start in to a satisfying one with respect to our points tally.

‘It was a super strike. If I`m being honest with you, I spent 24 hours and a few minutes deciding my substitutes line up because Nathaniel Mendez-Laing has been doing really well in training. Joe Bunney has had a little bit of compassionate leave but I still couldn`t make my mind up with respect to who was going to be really important for us coming off the bench and maybe coming on to secure the game or win us the game.’

That though he explains is pleasing as a manager because it says alot about our quality of depth and the options we have.

‘But it`s up to players when they get an opportunity to prove a point or remain in the side. I need that hunger from players and I think we saw a great display from Joe with respect to hunger, commitment and energy. He took a risk when he came on and he took his opportunity superbly.’

As for Peter Vincenti’s late winner, he added.

‘We`ve been talking about it all week. I think one our weaknesses, and maybe what opposition managers have spoken about, is that we don`t get enough traffic down the left hand side. If I go back to when I first recruited Tom, Tom was a wing back of a left back and he was producing crosses from higher up the pitch. His delivery has been too deep this season but he got on the outside of the opposition and he put an absolutely superb ball on the move into the box. It`s very difficult to defend that ball when you`re moving back towards your own goal. It`s a good winning goal for us and it makes what has been a really good and encouraging start, a satisfying start with respect to points on the board.’

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