Date: 20th November 2011 at 9:08pm
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“Fantastic result winnin @ PNE + we are back on the up! Ayre out, Bayliss in + we can make the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Regular readers will know that`s from one of my facebook friends. A friend that seems to hate Steve Eyre, so much so he constantly refuses to spell his name correctly. When Rochdale went to Preston and beat the team of the ‘best manager in the world,` (Phil Brown might not have said that verbatim, but words to that effect) I thought he might have held his hands up.

As you can see there was no holding up of hands. Hands are still defiantly down, pinned down by the weight of stubbornness. Regardless Rochdale still went to Preston, and still won, and I still maintain that staying up this year would represent a good debut season for Steve Eyre.

I wonder if my facebook friend had his numbers come up, would his response be: “fantastic lottery win, £2 million in the bank and life is good. Buy 2 million tickets next week and I might get £5 million back!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The players have made it quite clear that they back Eyre, and the manager shrugged off the win as if it was never in doubt: “Winning is intoxicating and you want more of it, but we were never too disheartened from the way we were playing.”

Here`s hoping Eyre is even higher after Brentford at home next Saturday.


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